September 12, 2018 1 min read

I believe everyone has experienced the failure of online shopping, we have picked a serial of buyer shows, do you have the same experience?

The seller show is in a literary style, why did I in country style?


The seller show is a mini party dress, but what I received is a cheap doll suit?


The model is a little fairy, but I am a piece of curtain?

When you order a prom dress online.

 I highly recommend you to change a tailor.


Please tell me how to wear?


This is what happens when you order your prom dress online.


Scamp work and stint material.


Maybe I order a kid size.


After see these buyer show, are you disappointed with online shopping? But you can shop with confidence at


I think buyer show is better than model show.


This one is also not bad.


Cool girl in a little sexy!


  Like an elegant princess.


It's really a flatter jacket.


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