July 14, 2018 1 min read

Bathed in warm sunshine, facing the fresh sea breeze, we saw delicate shells on white beach sand and in sea waves, we saw that the sea and the sky merged into one. I think it’s the most romantic picture of summer time. Dreamlike scenes are always attractive. At this time what you need are beautiful beach dresses and good mood :) Here are a few of my favorite that you can take with when you are ready for a holiday.

I really love the lovely color and the color patchwork of the dress. Boho dress is very suitable for the beach, boho style also makes you a fashionista.

Anytime you want an outfit that not only allows air to flow through, go for a maxi dress. It hides little bumps and curves that we hate. Meanwhile you look so charming when the sea wind blows your dress.

The lace dress is also a good choice. White dress always makes people pure and graceful. You can wear the pretty dress not only on the sea, but also when you keep a date or do shopping.

The floral print dress is my favorite. Off the shoulder dress shows your sexy clavicle and thin shoulder, and the floral prints bring you a sense of romance and tenderness.

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