3 in 1 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machines Body Lipo Cavitation Treatment


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Cavitation Machine Facial Care Steps:

ONE: First apply beauty essential oils and facial radio frequency gel to the face.

TWO: Use the three-pole radio frequency to radio frequency head to repair damaged skin and improve skin quality.

THREE: Massage the skin with beauty essential oils and use the 40K cavitation to dissolve excess fat.

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Cavitation 40K: High frequency vibration of fat cells produces a strong impact,which can effectively burn heat,water and fat cells, so as tosharply reduce fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of removing fat.

Tripolar RF(Face): It can heat the dermal collagen fiber to 45 degrees to 65 degrees, rapidly shrink the collagen fiber, tighten the loose skin wrinkles, stimulate the regeneration of collagen, and promote the increase of skin elasticity and density, so as toeliminate wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and luster, and achievethe purpose of tightening and wrinkle removal.

Multipolar RF(Body): With directional RF output function, it can directly enter adipocytes and accelerate adipocytes to generate heat, so asto dissolve fat, tighten skin and enhance skin elasticity.

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Get the Perfect Body Shape: With a body shaper, you can get a beautiful body and get rid of unsightly cellulite in the comfort of your own home, without costly treatments or lotions!

Get Rid of Unwanted Fat: Our electric massager uses special technology that converts electrical energy into heat that penetrates the skin and accelerates the process of burning fat. This helps to get rid of your unwanted fat!

Tightening and Lifting Skin: This body contouring massager helps promote collagen production in your body through deep massage. It helps improve and tighten sagging skin!


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Customer Reviews

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Grace Perez
Easy to use and doesnt take up to much space

I like this product because it's easy to use and this is my second week and I can see the difference on my face. Will definitely continue to use it for more results. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in buying it.

Crystal Middlebrooks
Works Great.

The machine runs well and is easy to use. I like it.

Ramon Gutierrez
Works great!!!

The best investment I've ever made! Works great and helps a lot with sagging skin!!!

maria p
Body Sculpting Machine

Easy to use! Love it!

Amarillys Osorio
it arrived very quickly and it is very effective... I recommend it still a good price

I love this machine ...... it arrived quickly and is very effective ...... I recommend it

It really works!

I use it on my face, my abs and my butt because I have cellulite on my butt, so it really works and I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can really see a difference, my face very quickly I use it and you can feel it and it feels really good. I bought the gel separately. I would definitely recommend it!

Best machine ever works very good

I like this machine, the effect is very good

Amazon Customer
Great Product!

This machine is easy to use and works just as well as the Salon machine, but much cheaper!

Excellent product !

Work wonderfully.Rrecommended it!

I feel like a professional!

So far, so good. After 1 week of use, I have noticed that my abdomen area has smoothed out. I have used it on my face but haven't noticed results in my neck area but will update once I see it. It's very easy to set up and use, with various settings for different intensities. I can't wait to see more results!