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How does it work?

The Seamido Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue from your website by placing Seamido banners, links, or product listings on your website. When visitors click through from your site to and make a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate Program Features:

1. 10% commission for confirmed sales
2. 50 bonus for 1000 in Gross Sales in a month
* Average Sale: around $100.00
* Creatives: rich coupons, deals, text links, banners, etc
* Insight: periodical newsletters with hot promotions
* Datafeed: regularly updated & free to use
* Support: all-round assistance from a professional team

For any affiliate/sponsorship/collaboration questions please send them to [email protected]
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ShareASale Affiliate Marketing:

For highly selected bloggers(aesthetic match or local influencer), you can reach us at [email protected] for the consideration of further collaboration.
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