Wholesale Bags

Wholesale Bags

Seamido’s wholesale bags offer retailers and individuals a variety of styles and designs, including handbags, totes, straw bags, shoulder bags, backpacks and clutches, and more. We offer wholesale bags that are creative and practical in stylish designs that reflect the personality and personal taste of the owner. You can choose from our wide range of wholesale bags to express your own unique style and confidence.


Why Choose Wholesale Bags at Seamido?


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With an unrivaled selection, we are your trusted online supplier for wholesale bags. Fashion, functionality and unbelievable prices combine to give you the best experience when shopping for wholesale leather bags. Pick up wholesale bags from Seamido today featuring stylish designs and quality materials.

In Terms of Wholesale Bags Prices

We offer a wide variety of on-trend bags at wholesale prices to provide you with a stylish inventory. With durable materials and stylish styles, you can always count on us to supply you with a large selection of wholesale bags at low prices for all your needs.

Quality Wholesale Bags

We value the quality of our wholesale bags and always provide you with the best shopping experience. We are equipped with a dedicated team to strictly control every step of shipping. This, coupled with an easy ordering process, fast shipping and prompt customer service, will make us the best choice for you.

Source Manufactures

Seamido maintains long-term cooperation with many suppliers. So on the supply side, we’re able to renew, replenish and maintain inventory. A factory with more than 50 employees polishes loose crystals. We are fully capable of taking on bulk wholesale orders.


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Our wide variety of wholesale bags makes it easy for you to tackle every season and occasion. Seamido offers a one-stop shopping experience and can be your convenient source for wholesale bags. The large selection of bags available makes it easier to find the right bag to meet your needs and budget.

Place Your Order Online or OEM Orders

Seamido offers a wide variety of wholesale bags of the current fashion and strives to meet the orders of customers with different needs. We clearly indicate the detailed specifications and different wholesale bag prices on our product pages. The clear prices and streamlined process enhance your shopping experience when it comes to wholesale bags. Therefore, you can easily order online or contact us via email for OEM for your order.

Quality First

Seamido has always adhered to a quality first business philosophy and values the quality of wholesale bags. We have worked hard to improve customer satisfaction and have built a strong reputation in the industry. Efficient customer service pays timely attention to customer feedback to help ensure continuous quality improvement.

Strict Delivery Time Control

All orders at Seamido follow a strict framework of “shipping guidelines”. Our order processing system closely monitors the progress of all orders and is able to handle orders with shipping exceptions in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure that shipments are delivered within the specified time frame. We maintain a high level of shipping efficiency to meet our customers’ expectations for timely delivery.


For Every Customer

The functions of wholesale bags vary widely, as they are both practical and emotional purposes for many people. Some women see bags as a necessity to carry their everyday items, while others see them as accessories to complement their outfits and bring a more stylish look. The choice of bag can reflect the wearer’s personal style, taste, personality and mood. We provide our customers with the right wholesale bags that can be a source of confidence and feel well organized.

Wide Range of Wholesale Bags

At Seamido, you can find a wide variety of wholesale bags that meet the varying needs of different customers and businesses for size, color, design, and more. We are constantly developing wholesale bags in a variety of styles and materials, including but not limited to totes, straw bags, satchels, backpacks, and more. By offering a wide range of wholesale bags, we cater to a wide range of customer needs and preferences for individuals or wholesale bag suppliers.

Wholesale Bags Prices

To provide a more convenient wholesale bags service, wholesale bags prices are clearly marked below the retail price on the product page. We offer wholesale prices at a greater discount on top of our cheaper retail prices. It allows you to get high quality fashion bags at a better price. If you want to wholesale bags in large bulk, you can also contact our customer service via email to get major discounts.

Professional Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is professionally trained to provide high quality help and support to our customers, including answering product-related questions, resolving customer concerns and any other issues customer may encounter on our site in a timely manner.