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Cavitation machine

Are you still struggling with stubborn belly fat? Our cavitation machines can help you get the slim, firm body you’ve always wanted without requiring you to work out for long periods of time and give up your beloved snacks. Human cavitation machine technology is simple, but powerful and professional. The cavitation machine can penetrate deep into the fat layer through the skin and then emit low-frequency ultrasound to break down fat cells, thereby promoting lymphatic drainage and fat loss. Finally, the lymphatic system absorbs these destroyed cells, resulting in fat removal and weight loss.

All Seamido machines are CE certified, providing the most professional and effective cavitation machines for salon, spa and personal use. Their high-quality chipsets are able to keep working efficiently for years to come. Whether you are using our cavitation machine in a professional beauty salon or in your daily life at home, you can be sure to buy our fat cavitation machine.

FAQ About Cavitation Machine

The cavitation machine is a machine that can reduce fat and rejuvenate the skin. It breaks down the fat cells in the body using thermal ultrasound and RF (radio frequency) technology to reduce excess fat. The lipo cavitation machine penetrates the skin and converts the fat into a liquid substance so that it can be removed through the lymphatic system or urinary tract.

Cavitation machine is also known as ultrasonic cavitation machine, fat cavitation machine and body cavitation machine. Ultrasonic cavitation machines have multiple functions assigned to tone different areas of the body. It is important to note the following points whether you are using a 3-in-1, 6-in-1, or 40K cavitation machine at home.

The use of the cavitation machine is not recommended for people under 18 years of age.

Cavitation machine should not be used by pregnant women, people with epilepsy, people with diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

Cavitation machine should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or menstruation.

Cavitation machine should not be used on injured areas

Lipo cavitation machine can be used for body contouring to reduce areas of stubborn fat that don't seem to move regardless of exercise or diet. It is also used to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin.

Ultrasonic cavitation machines work best on areas of the body that have localized excess fat. These areas include the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and buttocks. The fat melting machine cannot be used on body parts such as the head and neck and other skeletally fragile areas of the body.

The results of the cavitation machine are permanent. The ultrasonic cavitation machine destroys fat cells by vibrating at 40KHz and 28KHz ultrasonic frequencies. Results are usually evident after the first treatment and will improve with each subsequent treatment.