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Massage Table

A massage table is an essential item for a masseur no matter you are a new or professional one. A lightweight portable massage table offers you more business opportunities without bringing your clients home, so it usually lightweight and foldable. We have picked a series of massage tables with storage so you can take it wherever you go.
Thanks to the detachable and adjustable design, the folding massage table is fully flexible, making it widely applicable to salon and spa stores. While you can not only take it asthe best massge table, it is also a spa bed, facial bed, treatment table, tatoo table, eyelash table, ect.

A massage bed is the most important tool in your life. When you find the right massage table for you, it will enhance the quality of your work and your life, and provide a quality experience for your clients or yourself. As more and more types of massage beds are sold in the market, how can you find the best massage table for you? We have listed the important factors you should consider before making a large investment.
You need to decide whether you want a fixed massage table or a portable massage table. Portable massage tables are just what the name implies - they can be folded and carried around, and are usually much lighter than fixed tables. In addition, choosing the right size and weight for your massage bed is critical for you and your client. The working weight of a massage bed is the amount of weight the bed can hold, and you need to make sure the working weight of the massage bed matches your needs and massage style. If you are not moving tables, the weight to be carried is not an important factor. However, if you want a portable massage table, it is important to consider a weight that will allow you to move it. The final factor to consider is the frame material of the massage table. You can choose between a wooden or metal frame, both of which are very durable and sturdy. Most massage therapists choose a wooden frame for aesthetic reasons, but a metal frame is a good choice for individuals looking for an electric massage table.