Professional Makeup Kits Eyeshadow Brushes Concealer Brush


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  • Item: 13pcs Makeup Brush Sets kits + storage bag
  • Brush Material: Nylon, Synthetic Fibers, Durable Handle
  • Used With: Foundation, Blusher, Powder, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow…

Makeup brushes introduction:

    • Powder brush: These brushes are made with soft and dense synthetic fibers. A big one! Dip powder, and evenly swipe over the face.
    • Blush brush: Small and soft blush brush. Dip the blush, shake it lightly and swipe it on both sides of the cheeks, paying attention to a small amount several times.
    • Highlight brush: The head of the highlight brush is rich in layers! Dip the highlight powder~do it in small amounts for several times.
    • Foundation brush: A foundation brush that fits well with liquid foundation and BB cream. Quickly apply makeup to create a natural and appropriate makeup.
    • Contour brush: Essential for retouching facial contours. Dip the contouring powder and brush on the shadow area of the cheeks.
    • Eyeshadow brush: The brush head is very soft! Use it on the eyelid area, good smudging!
    • Concealer brush: Used to cover small blemishes on the face. Small brush head ~ convenient for small areas use.
    • Smudge brush: Used for smudging and coloring in small areas, used for smudging transition in the eye sockets.
    • Detail brush: Used to deepen the contours of eyeshadows, perfect details processing.
    • Smoked brush: Used to modify the corners of the eyes, overlay on the eyeliner to create natural eye makeup.
    • Lip brush: Used to outline lips.
    • Lying silkworm brush: Used to brighten the lying silkworm
    • Eyebrow brush: Convenient for contouring eyebrows.Can be used to fill in eyebrow color.

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    Lauren Howell
    cute and soft brush

    It comes in a light green color with the standard brushes ranging from small for lining to large for all over coverage.


    The color combination of this eyeshadow is really good. I bought blue, red and yellow. It easy for me to draw eye makeup, I don't need to match it myself. Like very much.

    so soft

    I thought it would be bigger but it will be useful anyway. Bristles are super soft.