Smooth Makeup Sponges Sets


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  • This makeup sponges set includes three different types of makeup sponges and one sponge holder.
  • Makeup a perfect face: This beauty sponge made of soft-touch material that’s friendly to your face. The soft sponges are for wet and dry double use, it will not absorb too much product, which can give you a flawless makeup without wasting products.
  • The main body part of cosmetic powder puff can use in the large area of the face and the point part can work for the detail work.
  • The blending sponge adopts unique powder storage technology for medium makeup effect. The good permeability and good release make its good performance in makeup.
  • The multiuse sponge leaves the complexion smooth and with a streak-free finish and non-floating powder.
  • Comfortable radian and angle make it easy to handle.
  • Good water absorption, it can grow fast in water that makes it easy to clean.

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Sara Fenter
So cute

Very cute makeup sponge. It has three different shapes and is very practical, and it also has a sponge holder. Love!