Best 9 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Professional 40K RF Beauty Machine


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9 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Mutipolar RF

  • Sixpolar RF Head Frequency
  • Fourpolar RF Head Frequency
  • Threepolar RF Head Frequency

Promote cell proliferation, lift and tighten the face,reduce fine lines on the eyes.Promote the subcutaneous tissue collagen proliferation, replenish lost protein, so as to achieve the effect of firming.



  • Vacuum RF Accelerate Fat Burning

Negative pressure cupping can remove moisture from the body, and the RF accelerates the healing of the cell wall and burns fat.

  • 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Crack Fat

Effectively consume calories and reduce fat cells, thereby achieving the effect of fat reduction.

  • Lipolaser 635-650NM Wave Length

Release red LED energy, penetrate the fat layer, use heat to dissolve the subcutaneous fat, and achieve the effect of body shaping



  • Frozen Head shrink Pores

After using the radio frequency on the face, it can effectively prevent the rupture of capillaries. Ice compresses the local blood vessels and inhibits inflammation.

  • A Variety of Color + EMS

There are a variety of colors that directly illuminate the surface of the skin, penetrate deep in to the skin, reduce wrinkles,and restore elasticity to the skin。

  • Micro-electric Physiotherapy Patch Electron Pulse Current

Directly reach the fat layer, stimulate the densest nerves to induce muscle contraction, and make the human body produce passive movement, thereby losing weight and shaping.

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