Cute Mushroom Cat Tree Kitty Scratching Post Cat Scratcher


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Cute Mushroom Cat Tree Kitty Scratching Post Cat Scratcher

  • Material: Sisal rope, lint
  • Size: 11*13.4inches (28*34cm)
  • Target Species: Cat
  • Age Range: All ages
  • Features: The large red mushroom comes with two small mushroom accessories and is also suitable for kittens to rest on or for large cats to use as a cat scratcher.

  • ATTRACTIVE TOY – Designed in the shape of a mushroom, the attractive appearance of this cat scratching post when used as a toy will allow your cat to play with it for a long time without destroying other furniture in your house, and at the same time, it will add a bright decoration to your house.
  • HIGH QUALITY & SAFE –  100% natural sisal, making it more durable as a cat claw post and not broken by cats’ sharp claws. The selected natural sisal rope is harmless to cats and allows cats to sharpen their claws while playing. This cat tree is covered in soft plush overall and the mushroom shape ensures that there are no sharp areas to keep your cat happy and playing while keeping them safe.

  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES – Two small mushrooms hang next to the large mushroom and with the elastic cords are strong enough to attract your cats’ attention, add to their fun and make them love it. A multi-functional cat tree can satisfy your cats’ hunting instincts as well as burn off excess energy.
  • GOOD FOR HEALTH – Cats scratch as their natural habit and will also express their emotions in this way. When you go to work and leave your cat at home alone, a cute cat tree can play with him and ensure physical exercise while protecting your furniture. Keeping your cats in a good mood every day is also good for their health.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael J Miller

This is too cute. The height is perfect. My cat, who is still very young, seems to like to sleep on it and it looks like the top of the mushroom keeps her happy. It's sturdy so no worries about it wobbling.

Charissa Maguire
Instant cat attraction

I really like this cute big mushroom! My cat was attracted to it at first sight. It also looks great in the living room as a decoration. My cat has been playing with it for a few days now and it hasn't broken, it's great quality. Good value for money and recommended!

Nancy T.
Exceeds expectations.

It's super cute and there's no assembly required. Honestly, I originally thought my cat wouldn't like the scratching post as much. But compared to the $100 tower I got him earlier, he seems to like this a lot more and has even been playing with it for a while now. I would buy another one! :)

Traci Farabee
great gift

My friend just got her second cat so I bought her this as a gift. It requires no assembly, so it can be easily given to friends directly. Her kitten looked curious about the mushroom. very cute!

Karen B
Super cute

This scratcher is so cute! It's just the right height for my two boys. They don't climb, so I got them this simple post. It's sturdy, well made.