Cat Tunnel Bed for Indoor Large Cat Donut Tunnel Cat House


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2 in 1 Cat Tunnel Bed for Indoor Cat Donut Cat House

  • Material: Scratch Resistant Wool Felt
  • Color: Dark gray, Light gray
  • Dimension: 24” * 24” * 11”
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Target species: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, etc
  • Functions: Cat house, cat bed, cat tunnel
  • Features: A donut cat house can be split into two beds, and when combined can also be used for more than 2 cats to play and rest.

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  • Dual Function: Our cat hole is designed in a double-layer donut shape, which can satisfy the cat’s desire and needs to play and rest at the same time, bringing fun to more cats. The round concave design in the middle of the cat bed allows for daily rest. The round shape just wraps the cat’s body, giving the cat a sufficient sense of security. Other cats playing in the tube will not disturb the resting cat.

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  • Safely Selected Materials: The cat house is made of safety-certified felt material. Considering the nature of cats that love to sharpen their claws, we have also enhanced the wear resistance of the material, so it will not be easily damaged or pilled, and the material is comfortable and animal-friendly. Provide your cat with a safe play space in your home.

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  • Zipper Design, Easy Assembly: All assembly can be completed with just one zipper. It also doubles as two donut cat beds when zipped apart. The detachable design makes it easier for you to create a cat house and give your cat a clean environment at any time. When cleaning, it is recommended to clean the cat hair with a brush first, and then wash it in water. Do not bleach, do not machine wash.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cynthia Zwick
Cat approved!!

My cat does not like soft fuzzy stuff. But this is not fuzzy and soft it is perfect for him! The minute he saw it he went in and keeps on going in every time he needs to sleep!!

Janice Snyder
She LOVES it!

Our cat loves this thing whether it’s to sleep, relax, or play with the dogs while she runs in and out of it. This is a must purchase!

Rebecca Johnson
Cats of all sizes approved

I just unwrapped the package and my cats immediately came running. They didn't like a lot of the stuff I've bought before, but they love this large donut. It's the right size and just fits my two big cats.

Karen Cooper
Best purchase ever

Assembly was easy. The zipper is easy to use. Great quality, looks sturdy and the cat jumps around inside and out. Sometimes sleeps in the center. She loves it and utilizes the full purpose of this cat bed! Very satisfied!

Awesome Cat distraction!

My two kittens love to chase each other around in the donut. Sometimes it looks like they are lost and can't get out, which is really fun. I also have a small dog that likes to sleep on it. Overall the quality is great, no odor, and no damage after a few days of use. Recommend!

Alexandria Whitehall
Cat loves it

My cats love it! They often hide inside and play hide and seek, darting in and out!