67” Multi-Level Modern Cat Tree Tower Cat Furniture with Scratching Post


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  • Net Weight: 42 lbs
  • Materials: Wood Board + Plush cover + Natural Sisal material
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Height: 67inches
  • Cat type: All types of cats especially large cats

4b708f5d 7c35 4573 9e20 094f295f467a. CR001464600 PT0 SX1464 V1Why Choose This Cat Tree Tower?

  • For cat’s fun: Does your cat love climbing up and down to have fun? Do they love to be in the high position to watch the whole room? This 67-inch multi-layer modern cat tree can give your cat fun of everything. They can climb in a high position and watch the whole room. They can also have a napping on the perch or they can practise their claw on the scratching post.
  • Stable and safe: This modern cat tree tower is made with high-quality wood material and a reinforced base that can effectively anti-tip. Soft plush covering and natural sisal posts are safe to the cats’ claws and can prevent cat scratching from your furniture.
  • Comfort activity place: The whole cat condo is covered with flurry plush that creates a cozy activity place for your cat.
  • A lot of fun: This modern cat tree comes with 2 large condos, 3 relaxing perches, 4 hanging playing toys, climbing ladders, and a scratching post. This cat furniture can fully meet the cat’s instinct and meet the cat’s needs.
  • For multi-cat fun: With a multi-layer design and two cat Condon, this cat tree tower can enable several cats to play fun together in peace.
  • Easy to assemble: Comes with structure, so one person can easily set up this cat furniture.

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