Cat Tree for Large Cats Modern Cat Tower Cat Scratching Post


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Cat Tree for Large Cats Modern Cat Tower Cat Scratching Post

  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Sturdy engineered wood, soft flannel wrapping, natural sisal rope posts.
  • Dimension: 19.7″ * 17.7″ * 52″ 
  • Thickness of the Board: 0.5″
  • Weight Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Package Includes: 2x cat beds, 2x jumping platform, 3x toy pendant, 1x hammock bed, 1x cat house, 2x post, 1x cat scratching post, 1x base plate
  • Features: Four cat beds can provide space for at least four cats to rest at the same time. The included small toys bring endless fun to cats.
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 Multi-Level Cat Condo with Hammock Perch and Kitten Toys

  • SELECTED HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – This cat tree is made of durable compressed wood with an overall facecloth fur wrap, so cats can feel comfortable wherever they lounge. The natural sisal rope on the post meets your cat’s need to scratch, play and climb.
  • COMFORTABLE SPACE – Cats are solitary creatures that need an area of their own. A cat tree meets all their needs and takes up very little space in your home. You can also play alongside your cat. If your cat is particularly active, our cat trees are the way to go.
  • ALL-IN-ONE CAT CLIMBING STAND: Includes cat bed with plush cover and hammock that fits the curves of your cat’s body, making it a favorite lounging space for cats. The small footprint makes good use of vertical space and the sturdy construction won’t collapse. The cute cat tree can be placed in your home living room, bedroom, apartment or office.
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Customer Reviews

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Great for the price

Good value for the money. My cat is so active and runs around the house a lot. So I finally decided to get him a cat tree. Works very well. Very sturdy. My cat runs around on it a lot. And he can rest when he is tired.

Gary Morimoto
Kitten Friendly

My kitten didn't know how to use it at first, after a few days of training she was finally able to climb up to the highest place to play with her toys, now she can't seem to stay away from it, she sleeps on it a lot, it's so cute! I am very happy with this purchase. The quality is very good and it looks like it will last a long time.

Great Product

It fits nicely in my living room. My cat and I love that it has a hammock that swings around like a baby's cradle. She has been happy every day since she received this gift. Highly recommend this product!