4 Layer 5.25ft Luxury Inflatable Bathtub for Adults Portable Tub with Auto Inflation 


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Inflatable Bathtub 2


How do you take away the tiredness of a long day? I think taking a cozy bath in the bathtub is the best way to relax myself. But when you add a traditional bathtub to your cart, space and cost are two important factors that should be considered. Thanks to our luxury inflatable bathtub for adults, you can enjoy a warm and cozy bath by soaking yourself in the portable bath.

Why choose our inflatable bathtub?

One button inflation: Unlike most inflatable tub for adults that use the air pump to inflation, our luxury inflatable bathtub is quite easy. It is powered by the AA Battery, and all you need to do is switch on the button. The blow-up process is automatic; you need to wait less than 60 seconds from deflating to fully inflating.

Enlarge size: 25 inches deep and 5.25 feet in length. Our inflatable bathtub for adults is enlarged, and you can stay comfortable by fully stretching your legs. The considerate yoga mat bottom gives you extra support. The parcel comes with a thermal insulation cover, which ensures the water stays warm for about 2 hours.

Environment-friendly material: Safe import PVC that is qualified and safe for humans. Four layers of portable bathtub make it durable for long-time use.

Foldable and portable: Space-saving design, after deflation, the portable tub saves up 85% of space. It is effortless to store and friendly for small space.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Milam Kevin
Great title

The tub works great, the packaging was safe & it shipped fast

Sara 22
A nice bath

I had to remove my bathtub so that we can put a shower for a wheelchair. I was really missing my bathtub. This is very nice I love it.

Phyllis Stephenson
I’m happy with it

My apartment only has a shower, obviously. I cannot express how excited I was to receive this in the mail today. I’m happy with it and definitely recommend getting one if you don’t have a bathtub.

Marquetta Bennett
My mom loves it

Bought for my mom who had a stroke in Jan. It's easy for her to get in and out.

Samantha Hunt
Nice choice.

It looks great. Thick plastic makes it sturdy. Nice and cozy choice.


A 5 star bath for people with stand up showers. My new room has no bath so I bought this for my wife. It's perfect.