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When it comes to picking a perfect dress in summer, flattering a small bust can often be a source of frustration. But please remember you are not alone. There are lots of times when I’ve wished for more curves. But I’ve learned to live with what I have. And I have put what I have get into practice to pick up some dresses for small bust girls.

You can create curve illusion although you don’t have one. Choose a ruffle dress can simply solve it. You can wear curvier instead of stick straight also helps you look chestier. On other women, a ruffle dress could add unwanted bulk. On you, it creates shape. 

Seamido Sexy Ruffle Star Print Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

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Seamido Sexy Ruffle Floral Print Deep V-Neck Wrap Purple Dress

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Who says it’s just your front which can be sexy? If you are not knee on drawing attention to your bust, why not show off your sexy back instead? 

Seamido Red Floral Print Lace Up V-Neck Maxi Dresses

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I believe that stripes have been usual pattern of many girls. For small bust girl, striped dress can work with angular to shape your body. And the thicker bands can also create the illusion of curves. 

Seamido Floral Print Spaghetti Strap Maxi Beach Dress

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Flattering a small bust requires paying attention to other part of your body and play down the part you don’t have. This dress is a great option as, not only does it show off one shoulder, but the floral also add volume to your bust.

Seamido Black One Shoulder Floral Embroidery Dress

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Item provided by Seamido

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