Red and yellow are definitely cheerful colors that we associate mainly with the summer. Whenever there was an opportunity, I decided that it was time to go crazy and order something in the colors of summer. My eyes fell on some yellow dress and red items which are very common online. Clothes come from, a new site I discovered recently, currently have many promotion and big sale. I fully fall in love with these item, and I can’t help putting them on when the parcel received and write this review for all of you.

Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness, has multi-meaning. On one hand yellow stand for sunshine, hope, on the other hand, it’s a eye-catching color which can be seen from a very long distance.

The yellow summer dress is made of a thin material, thanks to which it is light and airy, but it also shines through slightly. The waist is bound to a string, and the dress itself can really stylize in many ways. You can remove the fabric slightly above the string as in the pictures above, or you can leave it “straight” and do not combine it, and it will look interesting anyway. It is comfortable to wear, easy to iron, a big plus for the ability to match the dress to your figure without feeling like a balloon.

Seamido Casual Sleeveless Yellow Short Mini Dress

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Item provided by Seamido

Off the shoulder dress without any doubts is nerve out of date. The off the shoulder is very flattering on small frames and the show off your delicate collarbone. The lace decoration add this dress more romantic and long button makes it in a chic way. You can only pair it with high heels or white flats to make casual style.

Seamido Sexy Off the Shoulder Lotus Button Dress

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Item provided by Seamido

Summer is a night club season, irritated by the heat weave in the day, I usually go to night club in the night to drink cool bear and get together with my best friends. This yellow lemon dress is no doubt a good option for night club. Contrast to the two yellow dress which have adopt the whole bright yellow, this spaghetti straps bodycon used the yellow as a decoration. The yellow lemon add sunshine to the sexy, makes this dress mot only attractive but also young.

Seamido Yellow Lemon Floral Sleeveless Sexy Bodycon Dress

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Item provided by Seamido

Red the color of fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat. The red overalls are something that has long been missing in my wardrobe. Elegant, but also you can wear it every day. Made of a little thicker material than the dress, but still airy and comfortable. It does not show through, has a comfortable drawstring at the waist, thanks to which the suit looks nice and does not stick out on all sides. At the bottom of the legs there are also welts, which are a well-thought-out addition. Of course, the suit is one-piece, it looks wonderful to high heels and other high heels.

Seamido V-Neck Chiffon Short Sleeve Casual Jumpsuit

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Item provided by Seamido


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