With the arrival of summer, the off the shoulder dress has become the first choice for more and more girls. We usually choose solid colors such as red, black, and white dresses to attend various balls and formal occasions, which will make you look grand and elegant. And the sweet floral off the shoulder dress will make us quite fresh and cute.

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How to hide bra straps with strapless dress is the very first problem that we need to solve when we chose to wear an off the shoulder dress. The shoulder strap of the underwear would make the dress look awkward, especially when you attending formal occasions.

We recommend you to choose underwear without straps or underwear with transparent straps. Strapless refers to a bra that can be worn directly without strap. Since there is no shoulder strap, the above problem does not occur naturally. But if you have no safe when you wear strapless, worrying about falling down, transparent strap underwear can save you out of anxiety. Transparent strap underwear is also known as invisible shoulder strap underwear. The shoulder strap is not easy to be noticed unless close observation.

underwear without straps

Of course, there are other situations, such as wearing a half/partial leaking top. We can also use the paper clip to fix the original underwear strap and hide it under clothes.

How to hide bra straps

What is the best hairstyle for off the shoulder dress? It’s depend on the dress style and specific occasion.

For example, the white off the shoulder dress or a floral dress make us full of girls. The young girls who choose this kind of dress, we highly recommend that you can tie your hair from the top of head and tie the hair into two hairpins. This hairstyle instantly gives you a playful, cute feeling.

Under most occasion, long hair is our daily style. Of course, this hairstyle is suitable for an off the shoulder dress. However, if you are attending a more formal occasion, we recommend you to curve your long hair and draping it naturally on both sides to match with a solid off the shoulder dress.The hair is beautiful and not too old-fashioned.

hairstyle for strapless dress

For off the shoulder dress, the most important accessory is necklace.

We highly recommend the short pendant necklace, which can be worn with almost any type of off the shoulder dress for all occasions. They don’t look awkward and they can also play a role in embellishment.

But if we are short hair,some eye-catching decorations for example chock should be considered. This kind of accessory can make up for the blank on the shoulder, so you don’t looks too monotonous in general.necklace for off shoulder dress

When we choose to spin the hair, we also recommend matching some accessories on the hairpin. At the same time, it is recommended that elegant earrings and necklaces are matching with it, which play a role in overall decoration.

With these ways to wear off the shoulder dresses, you will look good and feel beautiful everyday!


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