Stylish toppers are a must-have in your fall wardrobe. What’s the wardrobe workhorse that many of the world’s most stylish women wear? A leather jacket. The fashion staple instantly adds edge to an otherwise conservative outfit, without losing any of its polish.

Choosing a faux leather jacket is a big headache for many girls, I also have some situation. I have wanted to get a faux leather jacket for some time. I looked on online for a good month, I came across this jacket from Pinterest of Seamido, this was the top consider honestly because of the amazing price. Less than $30? So I decided to take a chance and order it from I did not get my hopes up. A $30 jacket could not possibly work out, right?

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Wrong. It is pretty great. I got the “camel” colored jacket and am very happy. The faux leather looks pretty authentic. It does not have a funky smell. It is really flattering – cuts in at just the right spots just as pictured. I intend on not using the fake sweatshirt liner, but it is also nice too for colder days. It is super easy to remove — two thick plastic zippers on either side (burnt orange tone, to match the color of the sweatshirt material) and two small black buttons along the neckline of the jacket with black elastic loops hold the “sweatshirt” in place — it is simply two strips of fabric along each side and the hood, with matching drawstrings that are not for looks – they do pull the hood tighter. 

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The jacket itself has a metal bronzed copper colored zipper. I found it to be easy to slide up and down. Each side pocket also has matching bronzed copper colored zippers. Each zipper has a very nice pull. The two breast pockets are fake. Actually a bonus to me as I would not use them anyway, and I like the added look of them a lot more than if it were just bare “leather”.

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I thoroughly examined each seam and stitching and found not one crooked line or loose thread other than the before mentioned buttons that hold the hood in place. The jacket is solid.The sleeves are a bit long. I have pretty long arms myself, and the sleeves go to my knuckles if I lay my arms at my side.

The jacket is quiet warm. I am writing this in July, so yeah, it is warm out. But I can tell it will still be warm enough to use in fall and spring. Would not recommend for really cold winter days, of course, as the lining is not quilted. The jacket looks the same as what is pictured and color of the faux leather is true to match. I pondered getting the dark brown color instead, but I was afraid the dark brown would be too dark and appear black. I wear a ton of black shirts, glad I went with this option for some color variance in my wardrobe.

Lastly, I usually wear a L but decided to get this in an XL. I am 5’8″, 165lbs, 40D bra. I trusted the size chart when making this decision. I wanted to be able to wear sweaters underneath if I so choose, but not have it be baggy if I didn’t. I feel I made the right choice. There is plenty of room all around – arms, waist, bust, shoulders … but still fits well and is flattering for my body type. And most importantly to me, it is just the right length. I cannot stand it when things are too short, and this comes a few inches below my belt line.

I am very happy with my purchase. If something happens to change my mind, I will update this blog. But seriously, a $30 faux leather jacket? If you are pondering like I was, go for it. It is well worth it.


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