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Summer essentials with Seamido 2018.

Another month,another post and this time i’m sharing my favorite summer pieces from Seamido.
During the summer i am wearing a lot of dresses,they are comfy and not that warm.
I prefer colorful and vibrant dresses especially in the summer.

This summer we are heading to Chicago as you might know.
Chicago is called the “windy city” but in July it’s warm anyway.
After Chicago we will drive to Kansas city and will visit Terri, Mario and Esmeralda.
We can’t wait to catch up with them,my previous stay was wonderful and they are such a great company.
Kansas city is a lovely city and there is so much to do.
You might think it’s ld-fashioned(think of Dorothy and windmills),but Kansas is really a modern state!
We don’t have a lot of things planned,because now with Kendra we need to follow her mood(swings) and of course Jacco is still recovering as well.

Anyway a lot of things planned the next 3 weeks and
how convenient it would be to wear the perfect attire.
Seamido  has a lot of cool stuff in their collection.
I’ve picked these two dresses:

1. Floral print elegant dress.(More details

image 19

2. Red floral print lace up dress.(More details

3824169402 316756903 large

Who said florals are only for Spring?
What i like most about these two is the edgy but elegant touch.
I can’t wait to create content with at least one of these in the USA.

Are you in need of the perfect summer essentials?
i would recommend to take a look at Seamido.
They don’t sell only dresses,
but a lot of another items as well.
And yes the summer sale is on fire!!

For now, we’ll keep in touch and follow my Instagram (stories)
for the latest (USA) updates!


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