Bedside Crib Co Sleeper Bassinet


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Bedside Crib Co Sleeper Bassinet

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The portable multifunctional crib is more agile and convenient than the traditional wooden crib, adding more practical features.

  • As a crib, it is spacious enough for babies from 0-3 years old. Giving your baby space to sleep independently and develop independent sleep is helpful.
  • As a cradle, prop up the iron bar at the bottom of the crib as a rocking bed, instead of holding the arm rocking. This cradle can effectively and quickly put the child to sleep.
  • As a co sleeper bassinet, the crib is linked to the parent bed with the attached elastic cord to prevent movement. The side stopper can be lowered, so you can feed your baby at any time during the night without getting up. The child and parents are in the same room without disturbing each other.

The space at the bottom of the bassinet crib provides a private play area for children 0-6 years old, with a maximum capacity of 133 lbs. Enjoy parent-child interaction with your baby during leisure time.

Comes with a diaper table, so you can easily change diapers without bending over. The material is soft and easy to clean.

Installation video:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Judy Curtiss
Good purchase

Wonderful! Perfect for our little one!

joseph niemeyer
 Great value

Good quality and easy to use and put away but the pad they sleep on is really hard and my baby did sleep well in it. I used it for travel and bought a travel pad to put on top of the one it comes with. Definitely still worth the price and if baby is just playing in it, it will be fine the way it is!

skip hinman
Over all good buy

Baby girl has slept in this since coming home from hospital. It is good as a bed. For what we paid this is a good cheap option for a bed for baby girl. If on a budget this will do good enough. Went together easy enough.

Tasheequa lafiaji
Fantastic baby crib and playpen!

Easy to assemble and sturdy!

Renee Walker
Great item

Was given to friends for their little guy. As far as I know they loved it!

Beverly F

Love that it can easily be rolled, and very easy to change baby on the changer, saves your back. I think it was a good value, very sturdy. I did have trouble the first time I set it up.

Sasha Gipson
Good product

Read it to assemble and to take down. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Deborah Forbes

This is such a handy item to have! The set up is a breeze and it travels perfectly as well. This is the first gift I gave for my first great grandchild. I am over the moon with the entirety of this item.

Joseph Greenleaf
Better than expected!

Super easy to assemble. Perfect for grandparents!

Amanda Kinney
I love this item

This item is just what I expected .I love it .my newborn granddaughter loves it also