12 Panels DIY Pet Playpen Indoor Outdoor Portable Dog Fence


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16in/12 panel
16in/12 panel


DIY Small Animal Pet Playpen 10


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Panel Size: 16″ * 11.8″/ 40cm*30cm (HW)
  • Occasion: Outdoor, indoor
  • Note: Make sure your pet cannot squeeze its head or body through before use.
    This pet playpen is lightweight and is only intended for use with small animals (puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, etc.) We do not recommend using it for large animals.


  • With the addition of ties and non-slip pieces, our pet enclosure is more stable than similar types on the market. Our 12-piece size can meet the needs of small animals, and it is a good choice to place on a spacious flat floor.
  • Easy to assemble! Our pet enclosure can be freely assembled into different shapes, suitable for all kinds of small animals. It can be divided into different functional spaces to expand the activity space. Our pet enclosure helps you create a world for your pet with your own hands!
  • You can easily interact with your pet from any angle at any time. The interior space is fun and safe for your small pets. They can play and rest freely inside.
  • Our pet enclosure is made of metal frame and polypropylene resin that resists pet bites without worrying about material safety, and it’s easy to clean the surface with a damp cloth. In addition, replacement and maintenance costs are low, simply replacing damaged or worn parts is convenient and economical!

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Customer Reviews

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April brown
Easy install

Works great - easy to assemble and disassemble. We use it as a playpen for puppies and it holds up well!

Dawn Divis
Good stuff

It was easy to put together and fit my purpose. I made a tunnel for my cat to reach her hand out and it works great. Stayed together, all the pieces fit perfectly and I put it on my outdoor patio.

Barbara N.

Used for debilitated blind elderly diabetic dogs to keep them in a safe area. I wanted a fenced area so he wouldn't have to be confined to a crate. Medium sized dog that can't jump/climb so it works well. Used with disposable pads and large washable liner pads to protect the carpet. Large enough to hold his bed with a water bowl next to it.

Margaret W.
Sturdy enough

Shipped on time and intact in box. Grid is well attached. Also came with tie wraps. Would buy again. Used for guinea pigs.