Wooden Rabbit House Hutch Indoor Outdoor


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Wooden Rabbit House Hutch Indoor Outdoor

Wooden Rabbit House Hutch Indoor Outdoor 2

[Functional Design]: This amazing duplex rabbit hutch offers a perfect outdoor home for your beloved rabbits while providing maximum protection and shelter from the elements. Aside from the cozy and private nesting box, you can easily clean the hutch with the pull-out tray and provide a fully enclosed outdoor space with secure wire to keep them safe from predators.

[Durable Material]: Crafted from high-quality fir wood and coated with waterproof paint, this charming hutch is an excellent choice if you want to give your furry friends a chance to enjoy nature. The hutch features a spacious run where your bunny can explore on the grass, and the wire fencing provides ample ventilation while keeping them protected.

[Easy Maintenance]: With its removable tray and multiple doors, cleaning the hutch is a breeze, and you can always cuddle with your bunny with ease. The lockable metal slide bolts ensure the hutch’s safety and security, while the waterproof asphalt roof protects it from the elements.

[Added Fun]: The outdoor area is accessible through a small door that leads to the yard. All hardware, including fences, latches, and hinges, are made of galvanized steel, so you don’t have to worry about rusting.

[Detachable Roof]: The non-toxic and waterproof asphalt roof provides insulation and shelter to the nesting box, keeping your rabbits warm in winter and cool in summer for maximum comfort. The red and white color scheme adds a festive touch to your yard, making it look fantastic.

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Wooden Rabbit House Hutch Indoor Outdoor 9

Wooden Rabbit House Hutch Indoor Outdoor 11

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jason P.
Cute, good quality, priced well

to build I love that the levels can be opened or closed.

Keri Rowden
Perfect for small, lightweight pets.

So impressed with this cage. My daughters have two guinea pigs and they wanted to upgrade the cage and this was their pick. They loved it. I was genuinely impressed with how easy it was to put together.

Jocelyn Soto
It’s worth it

It took a while to fully assemble but once it was done it looks nice my piggies love it plenty of space for them

N. Whitaker
Love it

Assembling it alone is incredibly difficult, but if you have two people, it's pretty simple. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and very nice looking

Jessica padilla
My bunny love it !

It's well designed, I really like the hay feeder. I can tell the hutch makes maintenance a lot easier for my GF. No complaints honestly.

Julie Fournier
So far, it's a piggy party!

This is a really cute hutch. It's exceptionally roomy and I like that you can access most areas without having to reach around and scare a piggy.

Karen Leigh
Bunny house

Love this! Easy to assemble, super easy to clean, looks amazing, pets love it, kids love it. Would absolutely buy again!

Virginia Sawyer
Easy to build - medium quality

I would say it's medium quality. It's pretty nice for the price. I sewed some fleece mats on top of a super absorbent material called Zorb. Laid them down as bedding and now cleaning the cage is as simple as shaking out the mat and throwing it in the wash.

Zackery Martinez
Great product

Great overall product. I have 2 hedgehogs and they run all over the place in this. Lots of room and versatility. Their running wheel fits perfectly. Very pretty and sturdy.

Brett D Grover
Very Nice hutch

My rabbit is very happy with his larger home! Use a small litter box inside, and take your time assembling, it's a good purchase! I'm very happy with it.