Large Cat House Indoor Folding Cat Cavern with Scratch Pad


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Cat House Indoor for Large Cat Folding Cat Cavern

  • Material: Pet-friendly MDF Board, polyester, lambswool felt, sisal 
  • Color: Gray, blue, green
  • Size: 16.5″ * 16.5″ * 14″
  • Weight Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Applicable Breeds: Kittens, large cats, puppies, small dogs, rabbits, etc.
  • Functions: Foldable Cat bed, cat house, cat scratching pad
  • Features: The 2-in-1 cat bed provides space for 2 cats to rest at the same time, and the cat scratching board meets more of your cat’s needs.

2in1 cat house with ball cat bed 5

  • Make full use of space: The room size of the cat house is 16.5 x 16.5 x 14″, which can provide a spacious and comfortable nest for cats of all ages and sizes. The top platform is supported by selected wooden boards. Even if the cat jumps on it, the cat house will still be strong and provide ample space for your cat to stretch out.
  • Selected safety materials: The cat nest uses CARB-certified medium-density fiberboard material as the support frame, and soft lambswool fabric as the lining and top platform material. Make sure your cat is comfortable while resting. This cat house also comes with a scratching post and plush balls for cats to have fun playing with.
  • Sturdy and Beautiful: MDF is more durable and environmentally friendly than regular wood boards. The classic square design can be placed anywhere in your home where your cat needs it, blending in with your home decor. The top platform allows cats under 20 pounds to jump and play freely.
  • Easy to assemble and fold: This indoor cat house can be quickly assembled or folded, making it easy to carry when traveling and does not occupy any space after folding. The seat cushion is removable for easy cleaning and is machine washable.

2in1 cat house with ball cat bed 312in1 cat house with ball cat bed 2 2in1 cat house with ball cat bed 1 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lakia jackson
Easy assembly

Love this. Cheap, large and durable, assembled quickly and everything is perfect. Cat loves it.

Love it!

My cat sleeps in it almost every day, and I've failed at several previous cat houses I've bought for him. So I would give this cat house my best rating. The cat loves it very much.

Price is great! Good for large cats!

I bought my cat a litter for the first time, before that she slept on the couch or my bed, now she has her own little space. I put the cat box in a sunny spot and he plops down on the top almost every day to bask in the sun. The size is big enough which is great. Definitely value for money.

Pleasantly Surprised

This was originally purchased for my newborn puppy. He does love the big house! But the thing is my cat loves it just as much. I need to get another one for my cat for that reason, I think the cat prefers to have a space all to himself.

Sheilah M.
Works well

I have 2 cats. They sometimes sleep together on the top platform. It's very sturdy and good quality. Unfortunately my cats don't use a cat scratching board, but I still highly recommend it!

My sons cat is loving it!

Very cute cat house. Easy to assemble. My cat loved it and he quickly made the cat house his territory.

Cute & cozy!

Perfect size. Sturdy for my 2+ year old cat. It's very soft to touch. I think my cat thinks so too. He's been sleeping in it all day.

Jennifer McGarvie
So easy, get it!

My cat loves it and believe me, she's picky. The cat house is well made and very affordable. Highly recommended.

Rubens Saavedra
Nice and big

I just unwrapped the package and my cat couldn't wait to get inside. Assembly was easy, well made. My cat and I are very happy with this cat house!

My cat loves this

Maybe because it's a new home and the smells aren't familiar, she's not quite used to it, but when I put her favorite blanket in there, she immediately rolled around on it. She's so heavy and lays on it so often that I was worried at first, but then I realized that this cat house is very sturdy. It's good quality, soft on the inside, and she loves it.